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Ishigaki - Shimokita 2018/2/5 06:14
Hi there,
I will be on Ishigaki island for a week, then heading off back to mainland Japan, where I would like to head off to Shimokita peninsula.

The closest airport to Shimokita is Misawa airport ("near" Hachinohe) and Aomori airport I would possibly count Hakodate as well since the ferry goes to Oma (but arrives quite late though and no rental car outlet as I understand).

I am not sure which way would be the best and fastest to go.

I will be carrying a 2 week JR Pass so there is an option of going by shinkansen as well from Tokyo.

The Ishigaki flight goes only as far as Haneda.

I would need advise on which way would be best to go though.
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Re: Ishigaki - Shimokita 2018/2/5 10:55

Since you have JR pass already, just train from Tokyo with one transfer you'd arrive at Shimokita station.
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Re: Ishigaki - Shimokita 2018/2/5 11:26
Flights from Ishigaki (depending on the season) are normally once a day. If cost is the most important, then the ANA or JAL Explorer passes can save a lot of money. Then tend to be around 10,000 yen a person if you have a 90 day temporary stamp in your passport.

Flights to/from Ishigaki:

Link to ANA/JAL Pass / JG:

The cheapest flight is normally with Peach but does not include luggage.

As mentioned above, as you have a Rail Pass it does not really matter where to fly to as you can get there for the same cost. I would not fly to Fukuoka though as it is a lot longer....
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