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Tokyo accommodation questions 2018/2/5 16:27
Hi! I'm traveling to Japan in April with my 10-year-old daughter. In Tokyo we plan to spend two days at the Disney parks, one on Odaiba and four exploring other parts of the city. I'm tossing up between staying at the one hotel near Tokyo Station for the whole time or spending a couple of nights near Disney and the rest on the other side of town - maybe Otsuka. Which option would you recommend? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Tokyo accommodation questions 2018/2/5 17:37
Moving hotels are too much hassle, and you have to lug or store your luggage between one checkout and next check in. I would stay put in one place that is most convenient for train rides.
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Re: Tokyo accommodation questions 2018/2/5 17:54
Tokyo disney is 5-10 minute from the center of Tokyo, no need to stay near Disney.

Otsuka being on the Yamanote train loop line is probably a better pick. It allows access to all the touristy sights like Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Harajku, Shibuyu, Shiodome to access to Odaiba and Tokyo Station area.
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Re: Tokyo accommodation questions 2018/2/5 23:46

I would either stay close to Tokyo Station/Hatchobori, switch hotels, or stay somewhere on Yurakucho subway line not any further from Shin-Kiba than Yurakucho station.

The Keiyo line is a good 5-10 minute transfer in Tokyo Station if you're coming from the Yamanote line. It's then another 15-20 minutes to Maihama station. If you stay the whole time at Otsuka, when all is said and done it will take you close to 1 hour or more to get to the Disney Parks. If you don't believe me, but Otsuka and Maihama in Hyperdia. You get 51 minutes. That doesn't include getting to Otsuka station and then taking the Disney monorail or walking to the theme parks. Unless you are going in January or the weather is incredibly bad, the parks get very very crowded. I personally would not want to have a 1 hour commute to the parks if you want to spend 2 days there, which is nearly 1/3 of your Tokyo time.

On the other hand, most tourist sites in Tokyo don't open earlier than 9:00 and shops don't open until 10 or 11 or sometimes even noon! It will take you around 20-30 minutes to get from Tokyo Station to Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. It will be less to get to Ginza an Shiodome. It will be longer to get to Odaiba, but unless you are heading to a popular event at Big Sight, arriving in Odaiba at 10 won't be a huge deal vs. arriving at TDR at 10, will mean longer lines and fewer fast pass times available.

If you decide to switch hotels pay takyuubin to move your bags. It's not that expensive and then switching is just really not that bad. You won't be lugging anything. I think the newest form of Takyuubin might even offer same day delivery, so you really wouldn't have to worry about getting your bags around.

You're going in April, which is likely to be either sakura time or getting close to Golden Week. Please don't give yourself an hour commute to the parks unless that is your only affordable option.

Good luck!
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