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Work Visa without a degree? 2018/2/5 21:13
I know this question has been asked but I would like more details.

I am currently living in Japan on a student visa going to a language school and I love Japan but I am not really happy at school, I really want to work and I just need to know my options. I am a native English speaker but I don't have a degree and I know that's a problem.

I spoke with my school asking if it is possible getting a WV without a degree and they said it is hard however it's possible so I would like to know from the people that have done it, how did they do it?

I also heard about someone from a friend that his sister works as a Gym teacher here in Japan and she also did not have a degree but she was able to get a Work Visa. So I know it's possible.

I would like to apply to be an English teacher. Thank you for the help!
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Re: Work Visa without a degree? 2018/2/6 09:27
I am sure you have done your research before you came to Japan to study, but there is no single kind of "general work visa," but there are different kinds depends on the type of work involved.
For English teaching, either a bachelor's degree or three or more years of experience teaching the English language would've required. And of course an employer who is interested enough in your skills to hire you and sponsor you for the visa.
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Re: Work Visa without a degree? 2018/2/18 03:48
For some types of occupation, it is possible. I'm a designer without a degree and i got specialist in humanity visa. You can check the requirements one immigration bureau website.
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Re: Work Visa without a degree? 2018/2/18 07:25
What's your nationality?

There's a "Working Holiday" visa that's possible for people of certain nationalities...


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Re: Work Visa without a degree? 2018/2/19 15:23
If you don't have a degree, your best bet will be getting a Engineer/Specialist status.

(C) In case you are wishing to work in the field of international services which require thought and sense besed on culture and language of foreign countries, you must fall under BOTH of below:

・You are going to engage in the activity which are related to the following occupation; Teacher and instructor of foreign language, Translator, Interpreter, PR (Public Relations), Fashion or interior design, Product development, Overseas transactions, and Copywriting.
・You have more than 3 years working experience in the field of international services. (You don’t need to satisfy this requirement in case you are a university graduate and will engage in workinig as a translator/interpreter.)
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