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Applying for Japanese visa from Korea 2018/2/5 22:01

I want to know how to get a visa to Japan but my situation is a bit tricky.. I will be living in Korea for study abroad purposes for about 6 months, (starting the 25th of this month) so i will acquire an ARC (alien residence card) and ive been told that i can travel to countries with it and come back to Korea. I have a D-2 visa.

I have previously applied for a japanese visa (in the Japanese consulate in New York) and have obtained it without issues, but i would like to know what documents I should provide to the consulate of Japan in Korea (Seoul) for them to approve in in my situation.


Stay: 10 days

Funds: (how much should I have in the bank? I have a Chase bank account but will open one in Woori bank in Korea. Should I provide the funds of the american one or korean? I've heard from $1000 to $3000 How much money should I have available for my stay of only 10 days?)

Aside from the application and flight itinerary, what else should i provide? Thank you so much!

Ps: Im a peruvian citizen living in the US, with a US permanent residence card. But will live in Korea for 6 months with a D-2 visa if that helps :)
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Re: Applying for Japanese visa from Korea 2018/2/7 06:48
tip one

contact the consulate of Japan in Korea and they will let you know how to proceed
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Re: Applying for Japanese visa from Korea 2018/2/7 10:10
documents requires

1, your international passport, application form , passport photograph.
2, letter from your school
3, your residents card and copy
4, bank statement in korea , if USA bank statement possible ok
Balance should be $1000 for 10days + ticket+ hotel +other transprotation in japan . so your bank statement should be around $2000 up
5, reservation of flight and hotel
6 , trip itinerary (can make it here https://www.triphobo.com/ )
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