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Change visa status process 2018/2/6 08:59
Do I understand the process to change visa process correctly?

I am changing jobs and thus changing visa status. I will go from being an ALT with an Instructor Visa to working at an eikaiwa or preschool with a Specialist in Humanities Visa.

1. Submit an application for a change of visa status after I get my new contract, but before my current contract ends.

The documents needed include...

- Application form
Which application form do I choose from this webpage? #7?

- Letter of gaurentee

- Certificate of employment from new employer

- Contract with new employer

- New employer's most recent financial statements

- New employer's withholding tax report

- Description of new employer's activities

- My passport and residence card

- My resume

- My degrees, certificates, etc

- Previous contract with former employer

- Most recent tax payment certificate from city hall

- Portrait photo

2. After submitting an application for a change of visa, submit a change of employer to the immigration office within 14 days.

The documents needed include...

- A form I fill out myself

- A certificate of leave of work from my current (soon to be former) employer

- A certificate of tax deducted at source

- When can I ask for my current (soon to be formed) employer to give these two forms?

- When does the 14 days start, before or after my current contract ends?
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