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Luggage delivery and storage service 2018/2/6 11:21
Hi all,

I've used the Ta-Q-Bin service for sending luggage from the airport to the accommodation 7 days later. I'm planning to use the service again for sending luggage from Haneda and hold it for a week, however the accommodation in Tokyo could not receive it.

Is there any other place or service where I can ship my luggage to and pick it up from there?

Thank you for the advise.
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Re: Luggage delivery and storage service 2018/2/6 16:38
Yamato have service centres you can deliver it to. Alternatively, convenience stores and post offices should also be able to receive it. I'm not sure how to organise these options, though.
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Re: Luggage delivery and storage service 2018/2/6 19:35
Yamato changed their website arrangement and there are very limited information under the English page. The more complete version is on the Japanese page, which seems that there are Takyubin delivery center at convenience store, and there are several places near my accomodation. There are options for stores which can receive the luggage (marked in green).

What I'm not sure is the T&C for this service (e.g. only for members? The Google translate is not very clear) and whether it's safe enough.
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