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Koto shop 2018/2/6 12:37
So next year I will be in Japan to study abroad, most likely in Nagasaki. I am really interested in learning and possibly buying a koto or a shamisen if I can't find a koto. So I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that sells koto in Japan, preferably in Nagasaki or where is the closest. I understand it will still be a year away before I am there but i figure I should ask and start planning just in case. I am a musician and I know koto are pretty expensive especially when adding more strings and when the quality goes up. So I don't want a cheap koto but don't want to spend $5000 on one either. So I was wondering if anyone could possibly recommend and tell me about any places where a koto could be bought and what to possibly look for in a koto. Thanks
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Re: Koto shop 2018/2/6 23:32
Answered similar q.

koto : 琴
shamisen : 三味線
Finding not so hard, and in Kyushu region the biggest city is Hakata, Fukuoka.

You should also look for local concerts in Nagasaki and around.
concert/live : コンサート(concert), ライブ(live), 演奏(enso= music play), 公演(kouen =event of entertainment)
free : 無料(muryou)

Even in out of Nagasaki, young players also have activities
with Twitter, YouTube or FB accounts, so it might be a way to find friendships by looking for them.
If you are lucky, you may be acquainted with professional players.

And, if really you loving Japan, you already have a qualification of entry.
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