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Fuji Q Fast Passes 2018/2/6 16:31

I've been doing a lot of Fuji Q research and it definitely seems like fast passes are the best option.

2 questions:
1- if you are planning on getting fast passes can I just pay for the admission ticket and then for each fast pass? Or do I still have to pay the 1000yen per ride of have the free pass?
2- can you buy fast passes for 2 different rides for the same time slot or should you have them at different timeslots?

by Alana (guest)  

Re: Fuji Q Fast Passes 2018/2/7 22:48
FujiQ does not name that ticket as "fast pass" just meaning is same,
but to purchase "smartphone" that works in park and "Yahoo! Japan ID" is necessary.
You can not buy it at park and no purchase page of a foreign lang ver. including EN.
Use Google translate.

If you are on weekdays except National holidays,
the waiting time will not be long if no large number groups of school trip.

Also you can send e-mail, use "highland@" address.
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