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Can I do a visa run in Seoul (with a COE)? 2018/2/7 01:11
Hello everyone, I am an American citizen who is currently in Japan (as a tourist) and have received my Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to work in Japan. My question is, can I get my visa by going to the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea? I seem to remember hearing that is possible, but I can't find any information about it now. Obviously I could get it done by returning to America, but it would take way less time and money if I could just do a "visa run" to nearby Korea.

Thanks for any information you can provide!
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Re: Can I do a visa run in Seoul (with a COE)? 2018/2/7 12:51
check on japanese embassy in korea website .. and know requirements for foreign residence in korea.
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Re: Can I do a visa run in Seoul (with a COE)? 2018/2/7 13:15
Unless you are a resident in South Korea, doubt it the Japanese embassy there will process your Visa application with COE.

You can do visa run for temporary/visitor visa
but not for "proper" work visa.
Check with the embassy there.

Another possibility is to apply for change of status within inside Japan, change your temp visa to work visa using your COE.
Again check with the immigration.
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