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Trip to Japan in mid March 2018 2018/2/7 21:42
Hi, I am from Singapore. My husband and I would be travelling to Tokyo, Nagoya, Hitoshima, Nagasaki and Fukuoka on 17/3/18. Im planning to bring a couple of woolen duffle coat, a trenchcoat and some other non woolen jackets too. Please give me ideas of what to bring along. I do not want to appear overdressed. I am aware of super hot heaters in their restaurants and their subway.
by Rachel (guest)  

Re: Trip to Japan in mid March 2018 2018/2/8 21:39
You can google "3月 宮島" "3月 東京" "3月長崎" etc and see images (sorry I am using Japanese google so I am not familiar with English google, so this might be other word). You will see many images from the blog showing what peaple are wearing. Below is one example of Miyajima in March.
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Re: Trip to Japan in mid March 2018 2018/2/9 03:27
Hi Rachel,

To me, the weather in Japan in mid-March is quite pleasant and I would probably wear long pants, a long sleeve t-shirt and a light jacket or sweater. However, I'm also from someplace the gets very cold in the Winter, so the temperatures in Japan in March are about 2C on average warmer than where I live. (And in January and February Japan is much warmer than where I live!) If you're used to tropical temperatures it might seem colder.

I'm sorry I can't be more help :/
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