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first time Japan and a lot off questions? 2018/2/7 23:32
We are going to Japan from 27 April to 13 May.
We donft know what will be a good pass for the train rides.
Do we need a pass in Koyasan?
Do we need a pass in Nara?
Might a 14 days Japan rail pass do for all the days.

The itinerary looks like this:
Osaka 1 night
Koyasan 1 night
Kyoto 5 nights
Takayama 2 nights
Matsumoto 2 nights
Tsumago 1 night
Tokyo. 4 nights and a trip to Nikko
We want to do a number of tours in Kyoto and Tokyo. Nara, Mount Fuji and Himeji
Any other suggestions?
What would you advise us? Book here the tours or there? It is namely Golden week.
Other nice trips from one of the cities?
We want to walk the trail in Tsumago.
We stay in Tsumago where can we best start the walk and how can we best get there?
And in Takayama we want to make a daytrip to shirakawago.
We would like to cycle in Kyoto. Where is that fun to do? In the city or out of town?
I understand that we also need a certain pass for koyasan.
Can you also use that pass for transport from Osaka to koyasan.
Furthermore, all tips and advice are welcome.
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Re: first time Japan and a lot off questions? 2018/2/8 14:45

We will be going to Japan for our first time as well this year (October).

From my research, walk from Magome to Tsumago as it is an easier walk (down hill) and Tsumago is the better place to stay for the night.

A lot of your questions can be answered by yourself by doing some web searches, although no doubt people will pipe up here with some good suggestions & answers.

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Re: first time Japan and a lot off questions? 2018/2/8 21:56
I have done the Magome -Tsumago walk in both directions and it doesn't make much difference which way you go as the path goes up & down. Also I preferred Magome and stayed at Tajimaya, I must have got a special deal as I didn't pay anything like their current rate (Good grief it was nearly 8 years ago). The evening views of the mountains were fantastic. All the pics after the manhole cover on this page are from that trip to Tsumago or Magome
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Re: first time Japan and a lot off questions? 2018/2/8 22:02
Reading the rest of the Original post. Kyoto is a great place to cycle you can rent bicycles from many places via KCTP & pedal between the major sights. Just know that Kiyomizudera is at the top of a large & steep hill and is very busy so isn't best suited to bicycles.
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