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Omikuji translation 2018/2/8 02:35
Hi guys, I just took an omikuji from Yasaka Shrine, can somebody kindly help me translate the meaning of this omikuji

Thank you!
by Setsuna (guest)  

Re: Omikuji translation 2018/2/9 04:39
Read all and jump to wiki first.

Only two key words,
- g is yr result.
- Ǐ makes you luck up. (use google translate)
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Re: Omikuji translation 2018/2/9 14:19
Hi, I will answer your question as fas as I can.

Your Omikuji says
"When you're so bothering about your love as a romance, it will be a burden to you. If you're of a sincere character, the more closed your world can be. So you should leave everything to the God of Gion Yasaka Shirine, just relax and live your ordinary life.

Encounter ..... Even if a person loves you, you won't be aware of it; won't be realistic hardly.
Romance....Everything depends on your way of thinking. You should cherish your fate(chance, human relationships, ...etc.)
Hint for your goodluck.....reading books"

How is it?! iOQOj
By the way I am an English user at an intermediate level, so if it's not so helpful, I beg your pardon.
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Re: Omikuji translation 2018/2/12 01:19
Hi, Thank you for the translation! :D

really appreciate it, I think that's a pretty good Omikuji result
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