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Where to buy 5 yen coins (hobby use)? 2018/2/8 20:53

A new board game just came out, called "Rising Sun", it takes place in legendary feudal Japan. It comes with plastic coins which I would love to replace with metal coins. I found that the 5 yen coin (with the hole in the middle) fits very well in looks and size.

However, I can't seem to find a place to buy them. I just need 65 coins. I found only one seller on eBay selling them in rolls of 50, but since they are being shipped from Japan to EU, I would need to pay import customs fee of $25, plus 25% VAT on the items. The VAT is no problem, but adding a fixed fee of $25 means they quickly become expensive just for hobby use :-)

Does anyone know how to acquire some 5 yen coins (at least 65 of them), preferable within EU or otherwise from a seller that can sell them for less than $12 as that's our limit to avoid the customs fee (shipping excluded).

Thanks :-)
by Klaus (guest)  

Re: Where to buy 5 yen coins (hobby use)? 2018/2/11 18:40
I think your best best is to find someone living in your area who will visit Japan. Just ask the person to bring back the coins from Japan for you.
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