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Free wi-fi in Tokyo 2018/2/9 10:44
I just learned about this and I know every once in a while people ask questions about finding free wi-fi and wi-fi hotspots in Japan. So I thought I would share this here.

There is a service called Free Wi-Fi & Tokyo ( ) that provides free wi-fi hotspots all over Tokyo. Here is a link to a map of their coverage:

I found this through a vlog I was watching of someone that lives and Tokyo and they were trying it out for the first time. They always seemed to find a hotspot when they needed it and they said it seemed to have a strong signal on the train networks and subways.

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Re: Free wi-fi in Tokyo 2018/2/9 15:55
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Re: Free wi-fi in Tokyo 2018/2/12 09:57
Question how fast is the internet connection in Tokyo
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