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Free wi-fi in Tokyo 2018/2/9 10:44
I just learned about this and I know every once in a while people ask questions about finding free wi-fi and wi-fi hotspots in Japan. So I thought I would share this here.

There is a service called Free Wi-Fi & Tokyo ( http://www.wifi-tokyo.jp/index.html ) that provides free wi-fi hotspots all over Tokyo. Here is a link to a map of their coverage: http://www.wifi-tokyo.jp/spotmap.html

I found this through a vlog I was watching of someone that lives and Tokyo and they were trying it out for the first time. They always seemed to find a hotspot when they needed it and they said it seemed to have a strong signal on the train networks and subways.

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Re: Free wi-fi in Tokyo 2018/2/9 15:55
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Re: Free wi-fi in Tokyo 2018/2/12 09:57
Question how fast is the internet connection in Tokyo
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Re: Free wi-fi in Tokyo 2018/2/22 04:15
Are you thinking of wifi speed or regular data connection speed?

If connecting through a free Wifi I would expect the speed to be rather slow, specially if it is in a popular area. Toyoko Inn for instance has free Wifi for their guests, worked fine for Skyping at most times at the day but when video conference activity with several people the connection got too slow, or it could have been too many on the same Wifi...

Well. I would say, the more you pay, the faster the speed. Not sure about the regular data speeds though as they were too expensive for me to try...
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