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Are interns ever promoted in Japan? 2018/2/9 22:24
Lately Ifve been looking to internship programs in Japan, Ifm IT recent undergraduate, and they look pretty good. You get 6 months on the company, with a decent payment and get all the experience.

My problems is that my main goal would be to become an actual employee after these 6 months. Does companies ever promote interns/trainees in Japan? Or should I look for a different company after, idk, 4 months in?

I know that having that experience in an actual Japanese company can take away the fear the companies have of hiring and foreigner and he cannot adapt.

Thanks in advance.
by Felipe (guest)  

Re: Are interns ever promoted in Japan? 2018/2/10 17:09
Not sure about IT sector, but my nephew did an internship at a big architecture office last year and after about 6 months was offered a position as architect, which he accepted. His case was not unique in his company.

I guess you can simply ask the company that offered you the internship if in the long run if you and they work well together a contract could be possible.

Enjoy your life in Japan!
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Re: Are interns ever promoted in Japan? 2018/2/10 18:04
I agree with LikeBike... Over the years managing IT and sometimes as head of HR, I managed many interns - but only made full time offers to a few. Most of the interns would have made excellent employees, but a combination of reasons prevented hiring more - some interns desired to live elsewhere; work in a different industry; or we did not have an appropriate position at that time, etc. But if you like the work environment and people, have a keen interest in one of the several departments, can see yourself learning the core competencies of the firm, etc. - then by all means do ask about the potential for full time employment. You probably will not be hired, but showing an interest may boost the quality of a referral.

Then again, you may have doubts, and in that case walk away...
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Re: Are interns ever promoted in Japan? 2018/2/11 09:47
First Ifdike to apologize for the many grammar mistakes and really thank you for the replies!

Just knowing that is actually possible, not easy but possible, itfs very encouraging. I think profile wise, I do have a quite decent one. I have years of experience in multinational company both as trainee and full time employee.

It might come down to being able to adapt to the Japanese company environment and as you said a good timing (the company having a position when the time comes).

Thanks again!
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