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Tsukiji Tuna Auctions Finished? 2018/2/10 02:43
I was in Tokyo recently and the concierge at my hotel said that they no longer do the tuna auctions at Tsukiji, since the start of this year. Possibly in preparation for the move of the market later this year.

Some news sites seem to agree:

Can anybody verify? Anyone managed to go to the tuna auctions this year so far?
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Re: Tsukiji Tuna Auctions Finished? 2018/2/10 13:57
Whether a tuna auction is held or not is one thing,
whether visitors can view it or not is another thing.

- The official announcement in Japanese (as of 22 November 2017)
about the temporary closure of the tuna-auction viewers' area of Tsukiji Market
: Here it is stated that viewing will be resumed on Monday, 15 January 2018.

In recent years,
the Tsukiji tuna auction was closed to visitors during the high business season in winter.
Your hotel's concierge may have misunderstood as if the tuna auction at Tsukiji had been discontinued,
hearing partially of a news report about the temporary closure in this winter.

The Guardianfs news coverage of your link features the first auction of this year 2018, which is supposed to be the last New Year auction at Tsukiji because the market is scheduled to be relocated by October.

Tsukiji Wholesale Market is basically designed for business, not also for sightseeing.
Please be aware of some basic rules before your visiting.
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Re: Tsukiji Tuna Auctions Finished? 2018/2/10 14:18
The relocation date was decided on "OCT 11" at the last month late week meeting.
The period of moving is scheduled for 4 days,
but do not know yet whether will do until the day before moving.
The possibility of ending in SEP is fully conceivable.

However, also the possibility that if someone of foreigners causes a big problem
like a case of a really stupid YouTuber " Lxxxxx xxxx " in Japan last year,
it could not be seen quickly and permanently . (Don't you think so?)

If nothing happens, even if it is late, will be some official announcement in mid summer.
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