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Kyoto & Osaka daily passes 2018/2/10 17:48
Hi all,
This will be my final itinerary (#3) Any suggestions on daily rail/travel passes for Kyoto & Osaka or just use Suica travel cards?
• 02/07; Arrive Tokyo 4 nights
• 06/07; Shinjuku-Hakone-Yumoto (gRomance Carh)One way
Hakone Area Free2 Day Pass
• 07/07; Odawara – Kyoto (Shinkansen Hikari) One Way
• 07/07; Kyoto 4 nights
• 08/07; Kyoto
• 09/07; Kyoto – Nara - Kyoto
• 10/07; Kyoto
• 11/07; JR West 5 day Hiroshima Area Pass
• 11/07; Kyoto – Shin Osaka
• 11/07; Shin Osaka – Hiroshima (Nozomi)
• 11/07; Hiroshima 3 nights
• 12/07; Hiroshima
• 13/07; Miyajima
• 14/07; Hiroshima-Himeji
• 14/07; Himeji – Shin Osaka
• 14/07; Shin- Osaka – Osaka
• 14/07; Osaka
• 15/07; Osaka – Kobe – Osaka
• 16/07; Osaka
• 17/07; Osaka
• 18/07; Osaka – Itami - Tokyo
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Re: Kyoto & Osaka daily passes 2018/2/10 18:44
You haven't given any indication of your travels while in Kyoto and Osaka, so you question is not answerable.

But generally unless you visit Nara, Himeji and to a lesser extent Kobe. You really don't need a pass as most of your daily usage wont pass 1000 yen per day.

A cheapest per day Kansai thru pass equals 1733 per day.

If you use Hankyu or Kaihan to travel between Osaka and Kyoto, then the trips are around 400 yen each way. Add in bus/trams/subway trips for 120-160 yen.

But you dont travel between Kyoto and Osaka on you itinerary other than using a pass, so you'll most likely be using 120-160 yen trips, say 6 a 6, so around 900 yen a day. Nara costs around 2500 yen return, so you might be able to work out a 3 day period that combines for 4500 yen or more.

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Re: Kyoto & Osaka daily passes 2018/2/10 18:44
With the long-distance travel you are doing, a 14-day JR Pass will pay off.

For local passes, a detailed itinerary is needed. For example, if you take the bus three or more times per day in Kyoto, a One Day Bus Pass pays off.
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