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Engineer (German) Entry-level salary 2018/2/11 05:22

I am from Germany and just graduated in electrical engineering. Now I have the opportunity to get a job at an international operating automotive company in Tokyo area. So my question is, how much will I earn as an entry-level electrical engineer from Germany there? If get ask for salary by the company I will have a realistic answer for it.

Thank you for your help! :)
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Re: Engineer (German) Entry-level salary 2018/2/11 07:57
Itfs a very German idea that you negotiate entry level salary. Just accept (if you want to work there) the salary they offer. It wonft be huge but it will be likely fair.

Enjoy your life in Japan!
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Re: Engineer (German) Entry-level salary 2018/2/11 08:42
Check the ranges shown here: https://www.careercross.com/en/salary-survey/category/1700
These are not starting salaries but after maybe 10-12 years experience. Some hunting around the web indicates much lower (which is what I expected). See https://www.japan-guide.com/forum/quereadisplay.html?0+151375
A recent article on graduate pay in the newspapers is at https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/11/14/business/japans-fresh-gra...
Basically, if you can get a job, expect it to will pay around EUR22,500 p.a.
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Re: Engineer (German) Entry-level salary 2018/2/13 15:04
I work in the field, so I think I can answer you.

First of all, understand that there's no special treatment for Germans. All negotiations are solely based on your resume, skills and what you can offer to the company, not on nationality.

But then, as a new-grad, you have nothing awesome to offer (yet), so no company will sit down to discuss salary with you. There's an entry level salary, and that's what everyone gets.

Having said that, with a local contract (meaning that you're not on an expat package), you can expect to start at around 4 million jpy a year. This number is usually composed of 12 monthly payments and a bonus equal to a certain number of months. For a typical case, divide this number by 16, and you'd get a monthly salary of 250,000 yen plus a bonus equal to 4 months of salary (1 million). All numbers before taxes.

For net salary based on above, you're looking at about 200,000 jpy per month and a bonus of 800,000 jpy.

Hopefully this gives you an idea.
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