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Business gifting 2018/2/11 05:46
My husband will be traveling to Tokyo to meet with some business associates. We would like to gift wine to the manager. As there will be other business associates present, should we buy a gift for each one of them?
If we bring a box of candy/cookies for all the associates to share, how do we present it to them (after presenting the manager with wine)?

by Suzanne (guest)  

Re: Business gifting 2018/2/11 09:52
Business gifts – given within the company, at a meeting, etc. – are gifts to the company, not an individual. The manager may choose to take it for himself, but in many/most cases a secretary will set it aside for the next company event, or maybe to be given away at a party, etc. A box of chocolates will probably end up in the company coffee/tea room, or set atop a cabinet - to be enjoyed by all.

If you intend a gift to be for a particular person, then give it outside of the premises – at a dinner, or after meetings when nobody else is present.
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Re: Business gifting 2018/2/27 17:25
I would like to choose a pen or something related to working in the office. That will be more suitable than the cookie or something (like the individual gift).
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