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Traveling in Kyoto during Kyoto marathon 2018/2/11 07:19
Hi everyone

I just found out that the Kyoto marathon is on Feb18, the day Ifm planning to visit. Ifm wondering if there will be much more people during this event in kyoto and whether roads will be closed due to it since will be relying on bus and maybe taxi to travel around Kyoto.
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Re: Traveling in Kyoto during Kyoto marathon 2018/2/11 08:12
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Re: Traveling in Kyoto during Kyoto marathon 2018/2/12 12:32
Thanks Miyako!

But do you know if these touristy places will have a lot of people or less people since they will avoid it due to marathon.
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Re: Traveling in Kyoto during Kyoto marathon 2018/2/12 13:06
I have not done Kyoto Marathon, but I was once accidentally in Tokyo for Tokyo Marathon and I've run a few 1/2 marathons in the US.

It's not that the tourist sights themselves will be crowded, but with so many road closures, just getting to things is going to take a longer time and you won't be able to just cross the street if you are trying to reach something on the other side of the course. You have to wait, and they have certain ways they move runners to then let people cross. I've experienced it both as someone running and as someone trying to cross after a race

I know in Tokyo, there were lots and lots of spectators lined up along the course. People enjoy cheering runners on/supporting friends and family.

Assuming the 6 hour time limit isn't from when the last person crosses the start line (which is how some races do it.) Arashiyama should be pretty open by 11ish, as they're giving people 15-16 minute per mile as a pace.

Personally, so long as you can get there by walking or subway or the Keihan line, I would think it's a perfect day to visit Kiyomizudera or maybe Fushimi Inari.

BTW, thank you for sharing about this race. I want to do a marathon someday, and now I have another one to add to the bucket list. :)
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