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Ride Lockers at USJ 2018/2/11 10:18
I'm trying to find out how big the ride lockers are at USJ. The site seems to have the measurements posted for the outside lockers, but not the ride lockers. Does anyone know what the ride locker measurements are?

We're hoping it can fit a bag that's about 18cm x 32cm x 50cm.

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Re: Ride Lockers at USJ 2018/2/12 16:09
The lockers are do small backpacks and hats and/or sunglasses. No luggage. You'll need to use the luggage locker located inside the park.
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Re: Ride Lockers at USJ 2018/2/17 10:37
I appreciate the response but that really didn't answer my question.

I gave the dimensions of a bag (to be clear, this is a backpack, not luggage) and would like to know if the lockers are large enough to accommodate.
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Re: Ride Lockers at USJ 2018/2/17 12:45

I just went to USJ with a purse and a small canvas bag. My actual bags stayed in left luggage at my hotel to be picked up when I was done at USJ so since everything I had fit, I don't have strong memories of the size.

Doing a bit of a Google search I found this thread:

I then decided to visit the Japanese USJ page to see if there was more info on coin lockers, since I find often Japanese sites have better and more in depth information than their English counterparts except in rare instances.

So it looks like, your bag would fit in a M size locker near Main St, since those are 35.7 cm x 45.3 cm x 53.3 cm but I think the lockers near the actual rides are the Free Entrance/Exit lockers which are only 36 cm x 42.5cm x 30 cm. So if you can squish your bag down to that size, it would fit, but that you would need to be able to squish. I think those dimensions are done on purpose so no one can take a wheelie around the park, as they can be a real hazard.

Hope this helps.
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