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Kagoshima Kotsu Bus 2018/2/12 02:59
I want to go Kaseda 加世田 to Yamagataya Bus Center 山形屋バスセンタ.
How much yen,I need to pay?Do you Know,Any apps where I calculate My Bus Fare in Kagoshima?
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Re: Kagoshima Kotsu Bus 2018/2/12 13:13
Here is the web page, but in Japanese.

The first timetable is from Kagoshima to Kaseda.
The second one is from Kaseda to Kagoshima.

You have 3 types of buses:
直行(in red letters, chokko, direct, express and also linked to Shinkansen)
準急(in black letters, junkyu, rapid)
普通(in green letters, futsu, ordinary)

The names of the stops of the first table are from left to right:
Kinseicho(Yamakataya), Kagoshima Chuo station, Taniyama station, Daizaka, Kimpo shisyo, Ata, Kaseda.

The fare is 1,020 yen.

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Re: Kagoshima Kotsu Bus 2018/2/14 02:45
Thanks a Lot.How you got Fare /travel cost For one way journey?
1 way=1020円,So How much yen I need for 1 month travel cost For Teiki ken?
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