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Kagoshima Kotsu Bus 2018/2/12 02:59
I want to go Kaseda ‰Á¢“c to Yamagataya Bus Center ŽRŒ`‰®ƒoƒXƒZƒ“ƒ^.
How much yen,I need to pay?Do you Know,Any apps where I calculate My Bus Fare in Kagoshima?
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Re: Kagoshima Kotsu Bus 2018/2/12 13:13
Here is the web page, but in Japanese.

The first timetable is from Kagoshima to Kaseda.
The second one is from Kaseda to Kagoshima.

You have 3 types of buses:
’¼s(in red letters, chokko, direct, express and also linked to Shinkansen)
€‹}(in black letters, junkyu, rapid)
•’Ê(in green letters, futsu, ordinary)

The names of the stops of the first table are from left to right:
Kinseicho(Yamakataya), Kagoshima Chuo station, Taniyama station, Daizaka, Kimpo shisyo, Ata, Kaseda.

The fare is 1,020 yen.

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Re: Kagoshima Kotsu Bus 2018/2/14 02:45
Thanks a Lot.How you got Fare /travel cost For one way journey?
1 way=1020‰~,So How much yen I need for 1 month travel cost For Teiki ken?
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