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Mosquito repellent 2018/2/12 06:17
I am packing for an upcoming trip to Japan and I will bring mosquito repellent (DEET) in my checked bag. In case it would be lost or so, where can I find moquito repellent in Japan that is potent enough to wear off "japanese mosquitoes", ticks, etc?

I will be visiting the regions of Okinawa in late May so I am not sure if there are a lot of insects on the roam but I try to be on the safe side as I seem to attract mosquitoes at home a lot...
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Re: Mosquito repellent 2018/2/12 14:08
There are various types of mosquito repellent readily available in convenience stores throughout Japan.

To get some idea of what's available here, you could search for 虫よけ.

Here's a link to a search:

Are you just bringing one checked bag? I'd say if you're concerned, and if you have two checked bags, put one contained in each bag. Or if you only have one checked bag, pack two containers totally separately, in separate parts of the checked bag.

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Re: Mosquito repellent 2018/2/12 16:24
Just to add, the Japanese word for mosquito is "ka" 蚊

Just visit any drug store and you'll find various kinds of sprays スプレー and pocket-size moist tissue papers ウェットティッシュ, which I think are the two best types of repellent you can apply directly on your skin. Gesture that you want to avoid "ka" and that you want to put things directly on your arms and neck.

There are things to wear on your wrist or hang on your pocket, but according to my experience they don't work. By the way, you rarely encounter mosquitoes at places where there are no bushes (such as sandy beaches).
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Re: Mosquito repellent 2018/2/12 18:15
I will bring a medium sized suitcase, but I always pack a pair of clothes in my carry on just in case. I dont know how to handle two bags though.

I don't know where I am supposed to put the mosquito repellent to be honest.

It is less than a 100 ml bottle so practically it would be fitting in the carry on but not sure really.
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Re: Mosquito repellent 2018/2/14 04:39
What are the practicallities in Japan when transporting mosquito repellents? If I would buy it in Tokyo, I would still have to transport it somehow (risk of losing it if suitcase is lost). Same with buying in Okinawa.

Mushi-yoke anyway. I would guess repellents are easy to find in Okinawa though, but it would be a relief if not having to look around for it when I would rather do sightseeing...
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Re: Mosquito repellent 2018/2/14 12:48
If I were you, I'd buy one pack of these to keep for safety.

The reason is (A) it works best for my skin and (B) you are allowed to carry it anywhere, even on your flights. And the reason you are allowed to carry it is because you can't accidentally spill it or spray it which is another great factor.

At drug stores, show the photo of the product, and ask for "something similar (nita mono)" if they don't have them.

I usually use two tissues at a time to apply on my whole body in mid summer evenings when I'm quite exposed watering my garden. Unless you're doing some gardening in the evening like I do, or walking through a jungle, you will probably need none to one a day. If you like it you can buy some more.

Like I mentioned, as long as you're doing ordinary sightseeing and staying at decent hotels, you won't be bothered by mosquitoes. And if you are indeed hiking in the woods, I suggest you wear long sleeves and long trousers like the local hikers do, because there are worse bugs than mosquitoes that you can't even avoid. Loose linen keeps you comfortable even on hot and humid days.
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Re: Mosquito repellent 2018/2/16 20:31
Wow.. worse than modquitos? What would that be? Ticks? Spiders? Mukade? Leeches?
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Re: Mosquito repellent 2018/2/16 20:36
Things like that depending on the area. I personally have bad experiences with gnats, but then I was dumb enough to be exposing my arms and legs.
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Re: Mosquito repellent 2018/2/16 22:14
Ah we have these too, gnats. Every summer..

What would be good material for long sleeved shirts in Ishigaki early summer? Cotton? Synthetics? I have only a few long sleeved though. I got a pair of pants that can have the lower legs removed making them Shorts.
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