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American - Waseda SILS 2018 Acceptance? 2018/2/12 06:28

I am currently am a sophomore studying at Tufts University in America. I am half Japanese, half American and I am in the process of applying to Waseda's SILS 2018 September entry. I am double major Japanese and Economics, with a GPA of 3.4. I am completely fluent in English, and I am okay in Japanese (this is my second year of taking Japanese; we are using the Genki II textbook currently.)

I want to be completely realistic here - my grades are mostly A-, B+, and while my GPA is pretty good by American standards (average GPA is 3.0), I have no idea what Waseda's SILS acceptance procedure is like. Can anyone who is familiar with Waseda's SILS be honest with me? Do I have any real chance?

I should mention that while I have dual citizenship, I will be applying as Japanese so I don't need to apply for a visa (I contacted Waseda and asked them about this, and they told me to apply as Japanese.) Will this hurt my chances at all? Would it be better to apply as American?

Any information will help, thank you very much!!
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Re: American - Waseda SILS 2018 Acceptance? 2018/2/12 16:12
Ask the university.
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