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Dependent visa based on student visa of my gf 2018/2/12 07:19
First of all, yes I know dependent visa applies only for spouses and we would get married in Japan for this.

The situation is:

I met my girlfriend in China and we've been living together ever since. Then after a year or so we decided to come to Japan. She came on student visa and I came on working holiday. Everything was great until now, my WHV is now finished. I probably made a big mistake that could impact me in this process, I'll talk about it later.

Anyway, we lived happily under the same address. Now we hit the wall cause of my visa. We want to be together and are willing to marry each other. The only reason we were holding on is her age - she's 20 and I'm 26. We are really a perfect couple and for the first time we're facing an obstacle like this. I'm European btw. If that would help or anything.

What are the chances? Basically the plan is to come back on tourist (waiver) visa, get married in Japan and hope for the best with dependent visa.

Now, here's where I think is where I made a huge mistake. Last week I came back home and on the airport I gave up my residence card even though I still had a month left. I could come back and still have a valid residence status, now I'll just be treated as tourist. Did I really tucked up badly?

As for proving our relationship wouldn't it be a big advantage that on both of our residence cards is written same address? Additionally we can provide other evidence like photos together.

I'll really appreciate honest feedback, thanks.
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Re: Dependent visa based on student visa of my gf 2018/2/12 13:32
To me she being a student at age 20, the bigger difficulty sounds like proving that she can support the two of you financially (that is the point of you wanting to be in Japan with her as her "dependent"). She would need to show bank statement in her name showing a decent amount, or (if under scholarship) scholarship details, etc.

In a way too bad you returned the card, because you'd have been able to come back in again on WHV, and show your history together.

But there are positive sides to that too - at times immigration authorities tend to insist that you leave Japan once after WHV time is up, which you did, returning the card thus coming back completely anew, so you won't have that issue. Another is that your passport number will show your travel history anyways, so they can see where you've been. They should be able to link the passport number to your old card. But if you have any utility bills in your joint names, rent agreement in your names, etc., be sure to keep those too.

Be sure to check what is required for two non-Japanese nationals to get married in Japan, what is required for each of you, because getting the right papers takes time too. Best wishes.
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Re: Dependent visa based on student visa of my gf 2018/2/12 16:11
For you to be a dependent on her, she need to prove that she has enough funds to support both of you. They normally use bank accounts and tax records of this. If you have those things, then go for it.
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