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Mt. Fuji in March 2018/2/12 12:55
I was initially planning on hiking Mt.Fuji during my trip to Japan this march, but I have heard that the trails to the summit are closed from some, and others say that this is a grey area and that if you fill out a climber's info form you can climb anyway. Follow up, if it is unclimbable, where is the best place to get a good view of Fuji and a really good place to see the sun rise?
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Re: Mt. Fuji in March 2018/2/13 01:43
Mt. Fuji is officially closed until early July. In March, the summit is covered in snow. There are no mountain huts or supplies available after the 5th station, which is open nearly all year.

About the 5th station:

From what I remember as answers when other people have asked about climbing Mt. Fuji out of season, it seems like that is a great way to get yourself killed. Experienced climbers have died doing it, as it is quite cold, snowy, icy and windy and you have to worry about avalanches. I guess if you regularly climb in the Himalayas this all might be par for the course. But I personally would not climb Mt. Fuji out of season and would be loathe to recommend it to anyone else.

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Re: Mt. Fuji in March 2018/2/13 04:29
That's about what I was expecting, I'll save climbing it for another trip then.
That said, do you think it would be safe to visit the 5th station/ would it be worth a visit?
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Re: Mt. Fuji in March 2018/2/13 06:57

I've never personally gone to the 5th Station. It could be nice? It is likely to be open in March, but I guess if snow is bad enough it won't be? I plan to go when I can finally climb Mt. Fuji, which won't be until my daughter is older.

Personally, I've had some amazing views of Mt. Fuji from Tokyo itself in March. Get up super early while in Tokyo and you can hopefully get some great views. I've seen Mt. Fuji from the Yurikamome line with Tokyo in the background in March '07. It was stunning. I would imagine a trip to Kawaguchiko, particularly with an over night stay would give you a good chance of seeing Mt. Fuji in the morning. I've personally had really odd Fuji luck. I've yet to see Mt. Fuji from Hakone despite 4 or 5 trips there, but I've seen Mt. Fuji from Tokyo many many times, including in June, which is almost unheard of.

Though possibly the most amazing view I've ever had was a May flight from Chubu Airport to the USA. We flew right past Mt. Fuji and I had a stupendous view from my window.

Sunrises and sunsets can be beautiful many places, it sort of depends on what view you want. I would think Kamakura/Enoshima has some great sunrises.

Good luck!
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