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Moving company (Shinjuku to Shizuoka) 2018/2/12 20:44
I am moving from Shinjuku to Ito City in Shizuoka in March. My apartment has 25m² worth of furniture, including bookshelves, large desk, washing machine, & fridge.

What is the cheapest option for this? Japanese speaking companies are fine as well.
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Re: Moving company (Shinjuku > Shizuoka) 2018/2/13 12:01
what is wrong with searching yourself
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Re: Moving company (Shinjuku > Shizuoka) 2018/2/13 12:22
Cheapest option is probably hiring a truck for half a day.

Easiest way is hiring a removals company. Prices are only going to get higher from here until mid-April.
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Re: Moving company (Shinjuku > Shizuoka) 2018/2/13 14:52
I agree that the cheapest is to rent a truck that allows you to drop it off at an office near your destination. You can ask your friends for help and then buy them dinner.

An easier and reliable yet relatively cheap option is to use a comparison site. Google 引っ越し 見積もり and you will find them.

Through these kinds of websites you can compare prices, ask salesmen to come to your home for interviews, all free of charge up to that point. Some may say "I can give you this price only if you decide now," but you can say that you need to respect the other answers you're waiting from other companies you chose through the site, and they'll probably still give you that price.

Some companies are better at big houses or overseas moving while others are better at small apartments and shorter distances. Talk to them to see what they're good at, and chose the one that suits you best.
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