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Moving to Japan 2018/2/17 12:41
Hey, so i hope one of you can help me with this.
So Ifm turning 21 in a couple of months and coming to the end of my 4 years in the british army( yes i joined at 16) so Ifve always wanted to move to Japan. Ifm traveling to Japan in October for a month to sight see and make sure its the choice i want to make. As you might have already guessed i dont have a BA ( batchelors degree ) i can get a TEFL course through my resettlement, but is it really possible for a 21 year old with no prior teaching experience, to teach classrooms full of children or will i even be considered for the job. Well either way my Japanese speaking is level 1 or basic. Does anyone have any hints or tips to pursuing this pipe dream??? Ifve also looking into possibly studying in a Japanese university but due to my non-existant academic qualifications. I think i would have a hard time even passing the pre-examinations. IS MOVING TO JAPAN JUST A PIPE DREAM OR IS THIS POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE?? Excuse the punctuation and grammar. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Moving to Japan 2018/2/17 20:53
If you left school at 16 then your chance of entering a Japanese university is zero. You need a minimum of 12 years of education to be eligible to enter a Japanese university (one of my jobs is working in university admissions).

Without a university degree or several years (3 minimum) experience teaching English, you have almost no options with regard to work visas. You could study Japanese at a language school and get a visa that way (allowing part-time work), but due to the fact that you left school at 16, I think it would be impossible for you to enter a university and get the degree required for the work visa. A spouse visa would be possible, but I don't recommend getting married, simply for a visa.

The quickest way would probably to go back to school and get your A-levels. At that point, you could apply to a Japanese university. Or you could apply to a UK university as a mature student and get your degree, then apply for jobs in Japan.
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