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Wako - Periodic Table walking trail 2018/2/18 18:41
I'm a chemistry teacher and have recently read an article about the Japanese team hoping to find element 119. They work in a research laboratory in Wako in Saitama Prefecture. The article says the city has built a Periodic Table walking trail from the station to the research facility, which I would be very interested in visiting, but I cannot find any other information about this online through an English Google search. Does anyone know anything about this?
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Re: Wako - Periodic Table walking trail 2018/2/19 14:41

Check above web site. It shows a map and also a video embedded which shows the route where the plaques are to be installed (the video was shot before installation). According to the same site, it was to be completed in the summer of 2017. The video starts at Wakoshi train station (Wako City train station).
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Re: Wako - Periodic Table walking trail 2018/2/19 17:25
If you live in Japan or planning to visit, I recommend visiting Wako-shi on RIKEN Open Day, 3rd Saturday of April every year. (April 21, this year.)
"RIKEN is Japanfs largest and most comprehensive research organization for basic and applied science and a world leader in a diverse array of scientific disciplines." - from RIKEN HP.
Element 113 was discovered at RIKEN and is trying to discover 119.
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Re: Wako - Periodic Table walking trail 2018/2/19 19:11
Thanks for the replies! At least now I have a better idea about where the path will be. I'll certainly be taking a look when I visit Tokyo!

Unfortunately, I'm visiting in July so won't be able to go to the open day, which would have been incredible!
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