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University and good places to live? 2018/2/19 02:48
After graduation, I've planned to move back to Japan.
I have two questions!

1. Which university can you recommend?
(besides universities in Tokyo)
2. (not related to the 1. question) Which city is a good place to live? (It must be a bit cheap too lol)

I was thinking about Fukuoka but I don't know!
Tell me your thoughts and opinions!
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Re: University and good places to live? 2018/2/19 18:13
Japan has many universities, of various sizes, of different academic levels, and with various departments, faculties, and schools.

When you say "after graduation," what exactly do you mean? Graduation from what? High school? A two-year or three-year college? A four-year university? If so, what school are you graduating from? With what major? And what's your cumulative GPA?

Also, what do you hope to study in Japan?

In addition, what is your Japanese language ability? Have you passed at least JLPT Level 2? Level 1 would be better yet.

And are you looking for a program, like the one at ICU in Mitaka with fall entry, where you can study in English while in Japan?

You also ask "Which city is a good place to live?" Some people like small places, others like huge metropolitan areas. Others like something in between.

Give the people here more to go on and you'll probably get some more specific answers.

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Re: University and good places to live? 2018/2/19 18:26
I agree with the previous answer.
What do you want to study, and do you want to do it in Japanese or English?

What kind of environment do you like?
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Re: University and good places to live? 2018/2/20 11:21
Hi. I'm a tenured prof at a Japanese university, and I'm also involved with admissions. If you reply to the questions the two previous respondents posted, perhaps I can suggest some things.
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