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Invalid idp 2018/2/20 05:31

My IDP expires on june 8th,2018 (I actually entered japan since may 2016). I had no idea that I need to convert my license to Japanese license within 1 year of living in Japan. I was pulled over for speeding at 72kmh at 50kmh area. The police wrote me a ticket for speeding and told me that I will get a penalty and will hear from the public prosecutor's office. He also mentioned about my invalid idp,however wont charge me on that since i am not aware of that rules.
I went to take my japanese license and pass both written and practical test.
However,the police said they cant issue me japanese license at least for 2 years
since i already have a record driving with invalid idp license or they call it drive without a license.anyone have the same experience?and it will be good if somebody can share with me if there is any way(legally) to have the japanese license without waiting for next 2 years.thanks
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Re: Invalid idp 2018/2/20 12:17
Well since that rule does exist, that you can drive in Japan on IDP only up to one year, so you could well be charged with "driving without license," penalty for which is either a prison term of maximum 3 years, of a fine of maximum 500,000 yen. If I were you, I would be glad that they did not prosecute me, only on the reason that you did not know the rule...
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Re: Invalid idp 2018/2/20 12:17
IDP is your responsibility. Best is to go to a closest driving center and ask your question there. They can provide you with information. But the change is real you cannot get since Japan is harse on driving and points.
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Re: Invalid idp 2018/2/20 19:05
The rules are absolutely clear. Even a tiny bit of research on the internet show you cannot drive for more than one year on an IDP. You were driving without a license, and therefore without insurance. You are extremely lucky not to be in prison.

You have broken the law, and of course, there is a penalty. A driving ban seems like you got off very easily.
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