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Hyougo Experts: Relocation Advice 2018/2/21 10:44
Greetings all. I’ve just learned that I’m going to working in Kakogawa, near Kobe and Himeji. I’ve been to the area a couple of times but I don’t know much about anything in-between those two cities.

As I understand it Kakogawa is pretty much a pleasant, sleepy, suburban type place. If possible I would like to live somewhere a bit more active - I was hoping someone who knows the area well might be able to recommend a few neighborhoods or towns within say a 25-30 minute rail commute from Kakogawa Station. I know Akashi is a bigger city but I don’t know much about it - somewhere in the Western part of Kobe itself might be an option but I think the commute would push past that half hour mark. And what about Himeji as a place to live?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: Hyougo Experts: Relocation Advice 2018/2/28 06:17
Topping this, just in case anyone has a suggestion.
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Re: Hyougo Experts: Relocation Advice 2018/3/1 21:09
First of All,Welcome to japan.
First Few Days you must stay in Kakogawa city.You may Fall in Love with this city.Here is your workplace.
I will give you rough idea as a Tourist not as a Hyougo Experts:
On Tourist view point.But your stay may be on residence,work visa.
My room cost=1800円 x30 Days=54000円
Guesthouse Akashi Hikaria 673-0892 Hyogo, Honmachi 2-2-10, Japan
My Food cost=1200円 x30 Days=36000円,unlimited Food and Drinks, per entry cost
Buffet Sutaminatarouすたみな太郎 加古川店 =Hiraokacho 兵庫県 加古川市 平岡町中野 772-1
My travel cost=Unlimited rail 30 Day pass=20090円 From Kobe to Kakogawa station
You must travel on weekends,free time to see your neighborhoods .
My shopping cost=500円 x30 Days=15000円
From 100円 shop.
Hope this will help.
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