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Off-roading in Japan 2018/2/21 11:37
Where in Japan can we do off-roading activities just like here in the US where you can rent and even buy jeep aftermarket parts?
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Re: Off-roading in Japan 2018/2/22 04:05
google is your best friend, but seems often difficult to use

In Japan off road is not populair and can only be done in restricted areas.
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Re: Off-roading in Japan 2018/2/27 17:27
As I know, there are some off-roads for you in some cities near Tokyo like Fukuyama, Takayama, ...
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Re: Off-roading in Japan 2018/3/1 16:19
Off-road may not be popular in Japan, but driving on the worst roads in Japan is a hobby, there are very narrow roads the size of a driveway, possible rocks and dirt and gravel on the road or sometimes even a bit of water going across, some parts no railing, and rocky cliffs hanging above, these roads are almost like off roading, people like to drive their vehicles on these roads just for the thrill, these narrow roads are two way too which makes it even harder as someone could be coming from the other direction and you need to back up to a spot where there is enough room. People upload lots of videos of bad roads around Japan like this:
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