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Rental car one day, traffic? 2018/2/21 22:37
Hi people.
I will be in Naha for a few days but using buses for the outer areas around Naha felt very time consuming looking at the timetables. So I thought of renting a car for a day.

I want to get the car as early as possible in the morning but it appears the traffic is dense in the morning rush so I was looking at rental shops of Nippon and Toyota located in the outskirts.

Most seem to be located a way off from the monorail but I found one near the T Galleria near Omoromachi station. Can't seem to find any entry/exit for the cars though, maybe someone know?

Are there any particular areas in Naha that are more prone to traffic jams and rush hour than others? Like some streets or so..

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Rental car one day, traffic? 2018/2/22 16:21
Booking counter is here, a lot of car rent companies shared.

Your car is waiting at another point of "T Galleria",
just it is not near booking counter, but no worry.
(couldn't find a good photo)

This is return entrace, staff will teach it well.

Many travelers recommend this branch as escape urban area.

You can watch at Google MAPs anytime anywhere, by "traffic" ON.
Understand the time difference btw Japan and the country you are now in?
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Re: Rental car one day, traffic? 2018/2/22 20:18
Thanks for your reply.

I suppose the exit is from the building itself?

I saw a parking on top of a nearby building but perhaps a different parking not rental cars.

Do they provide assistance when exiting the building as to avoid pedestrians and traffic?
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