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Baseball in Tokyo 2018/2/22 22:04
Hoping to see a game on either the 24th March or 10th April...
What is the best way to buy tickets as a foreigner?
Do we need to buy tickets for children? (aged 1 and 5).
Many many thanks.

Re: Baseball in Tokyo 2018/2/23 10:31
You had to search before post here.

Each team web have a guide of ticket info in EN.
But now a bit early, the schedule info of both season in EN has not been updated yet.
You can check it in Japanese page's game calendar, use Google translate.
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Re: Baseball in Tokyo 2018/3/5 12:13
Thank you very much for the response.
Do you know if we can take babies/have to buy them a ticket?
And is there a child's ticket price for a 5 year old?
Looking like it's about $122 AUD a ticket.... does that seem right?
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