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Where to buy parts for Honda S2000? 2018/2/28 02:49
I have a question. I bought a used Honda S2000 in a Japanese site ( and I would like to know where can I buy the parts and accessories of this car in Osaka (I'm moving here for a month). Something like Headlight, Brake Disc, ...
Thank you for advances!
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Re: Where to buy parts for Honda S2000? 2018/2/28 22:54
Try directly from Honda.
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Re: Where to buy parts for Honda S2000? 2018/3/1 05:59
They don't know?

Genuine parts(called "junsei-buhin/純正部品" in JP) can be ordered at nearest Honda car sales shop counter,
however, they don't stored such old model cars parts, so do not know until checked.
If in storedhouse of Honda, you will get it within 10 days.
(If in Osaka and around, within next to 3 days, maybe)

Brake Disc(AP1) could be confirmed online in Japan ("" and more, not Honda),
but Headlight(AP1) got only the indication of "Temporarily out of stock.".
Most part numbers are same, you can check it online.

BUT, Brake Disc is the same both in Japan and overseas models,
but I think that headlight would be better to use US or Europe models parts of the same
left handle specification if you want to run in France(?).
However, can not imagine parts of the US/Europe models are left in Japan.
S2000 sold three times more in the US than in Japan.
(about 60,000 vs 20,000 as AP1/AP2 total)
Almost the same number as Japan was sold in Europe.

There are also special shops in second-hand parts(chuuko parts in JP/中古パーツ) that are not Honda in Osaka,
but do not know S2000 parts stock or not.
This is one of, most famous, some branches(shops) in Osaka.
This is another branches(out of Osaka) video.
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