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Climbing Fujisan with Hakone free pass 2018/3/1 19:40
We are planning to climb the Fujisan in july 2018 from Tokyo, stopping by Kawaguchiko before starting the climbing from the 5th station. Is the Hakone free pass including following trips:
- Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko station (Fujikyo/Keio Highway bus)
- Kawaguchiko station to the 5th station
- Gotemba (5th station) to Hakone ?
Thank you very much for your answers !
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Re: Climbing Fujisan with Hakone free pass 2018/3/2 12:27

I think the pass you want is the Fuji Hakone Pass

vs. the Hakone Free Pass

The latter doesn't include travel around Kawaguchiko or getting to the 5th Station of Mt. Fuj.
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