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Re-Entry permit to a different airport 2018/3/2 02:28
Hello everyone.

Since it is my first time in this kind of situation, which many long-term residents may have experienced already, about the re-entry permit. I am a Spouse visa holder.

At January I had to urgently come back to Italy due to family reasons and I have applied for the re-entry permit (single - 3000Yen one) directly through airport's Immigration. Filled the form, got the permit (stamped on the brown booklet they gave me) and free to come back with no problems.

I have originally intention to stay for a week until the next flight, but the problem was that I've lost the passport days earlier and made the Emergency one from the consulate (which was valid for only some days) and forced to stay here for a bit longer and make a new ticket.

So, made the new passport (issued a month later), did the airplane ticket and sooner I have to come back to Japan, exactly at Haneda Airport (via Shanghai).

My question is: since the permit and the booklet are issued at Kansai Airport, may be a problem if I can show them to Haneda's officers along with the new passport during re-entry procedures (such as questioning or such)?

What kind of screening criteria are approx. used by officers to those who possess a re-entry permit? Kind of curious to know since, a I told before, it's my first time that I will do a re-entry procedure.

In advance, thank you for the answers. :)
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Re: Re-Entry permit to a different airport 2018/3/2 17:28
Confusing kind of your question is. What exactly asking are you?

If you mean that you left from one airport and you'll re-enter Japan at another airport, people do that all the time with so-called "open jaw" tickets. It presents no problem whatsoever with immigration.

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Re: Re-Entry permit to a different airport 2018/3/3 08:42

When I leave and re-enter the country it doesn't cost me a single yen and I do not apply for a re-entry permit. You have a passport and a residence card? I would have to assume you got some ordinary re-entry permit.

As for arriving back into Japan via a different airport, that seems a trivial concern. Even my last trip was depart Haneda and arrive Narita.
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Re: Re-Entry permit to a different airport 2018/3/3 20:46
Thank you for the answers.

I am sorry that my question is confusing, so I will try to clear some points.

I have departed from Kansai Airport (from where I also made the re-entry permit stamped on a separate booklet, because I have lost my passport and departed using a temporary one), but the returning ticket has been expired due to family reasons and also the fact that I haven't enough time to make a new passport (which take at least one month to be issued) before the flight.

In the meanwhile I will be transferred from Aichi to Chiba Prefecture, so I have made a new ticket from Rome to Tokyo Haneda (Via Shanghai). My question was: when they see the re-entry booklet, which clearly state that it has been issued at Kansai Airport, can raise some red flag from immigration? since I will be also re-entry to Japan with the new passport as well.

And yeah, I also have the re-entry disembarkation card with me :)

Again thank you for the links and answers. I didn't know that a re-entry permit isn't necessary if I will re-enter within one year. The stamp should be necessary only for more than one year ( which means that I wasted money for a stamp that I don't need ^^" )
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Re: Re-Entry permit to a different airport 2018/3/3 20:51
to JapanCustomTours:
(Sorry for my double answer, forgot to answer to you)

Yes, I have a residence card but not my original passport (I have returned back to my country using the temporary one issued from my consulate. :)
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Re: Re-Entry permit to a different airport 2018/3/4 08:19
I really don't think the different airport re-entry is an issue. People do that all the time.
As for a new passport, people replace passports all the time as well. Having a lost passport is more difficult than a simple re-issue, but if you're not travelling you don't otherwise need one. In your case, you have a new one/replacement and it's simple to explain.
Then, if you get worried about passport stamps, not all countries do stamps anymore. I have (I think) three in my current passport all from Japan, but none from any other country - you couldn't tell where I've been from my passport and it's not a good document to prove how long you've been in any one place (they used to be used like that).

End of the day, you have the valid passport, residence card and status of residence, then return to Japan.
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Re: Re-Entry permit to a different airport 2018/3/4 08:56

Thank you so much for your kind question.

My concern was that I may rise some red flag to immigration just for the fact that A) I will land to other international airports than Kansai Airport (because it was my departure port), and also B) that I will re-enter to Japan with a completely brand-new passport (althought I am the same exact person, of course) instead using the lost one, which may be linked to my residence card and C) Showing the re-entry booklet (the brown one the immigration gave to me along with the re-entry stamp) issued at Osaka to Haneda's immigration officers. Red Flags like questioning into a separate place or further verifications, which is why I am asking to this forum as I will be a first-timer reentrant as I told before.

Naturally, if asked I will explain the passport question and other things to get things smoothly, but who knows. Hope no suddend bad thing will occur. :) Again, thank you so much.
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