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is it still possible to find pen pals here? 2018/3/2 06:58
i was planning on going to japan next year , so i just wanted to know can you still find pen pals here , befero i used to find them in Japan pen friend , buts it seems to not work anymore , thanks for all information in advanced , have a nice day :)
by Paulxixi  

Re: is it still possible to find pen pals here? 2018/3/3 18:54
Unfortunately it seems Japan Guide has discontinued the pen pal aspect of their website. I only found out today after having been away for a few years, so I can't say for certain when that happened. I'm honestly pretty bummed out by that since I wanted to give finding a Japanese pen pal another go now that I'm somewhat older and technically more responsible.

I haven't found an alternative I'm satisfied with yet, but I'm sure going to keep looking. Good luck to you as well.
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Re: is it still possible to find pen pals here? 2018/3/5 00:35
Yeah, i'm a bit bummed out as well.
I Hope someone has a good alternative.
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