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Bringing a German Shepherd to Japan 2018/3/2 09:11
I could not find this no where! That is why i am asking here, anyways i am living in Japan next year again and i do not know how long but it could be for long term. I was wondering if anyone had a experience bringing their big dog to Japan and what is was like. I want to bring my dog because i don't want my dog to be miserable, i am at a decision, that i have to make it of what i want to do since im going back next year. I will have an apartment i dont know if it is pet negotiable but if it is not then i will look for another one that is but i was wondering the hardships that i would have by doing it. I really do not know what to do and i would like to bring her over here but i know the quarantine process is going to take a while as well. What will carry on around the airport be like? she will probably be full sized once I leave to Japan.
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Re: Bringing a German Shepherd to Japan 2018/3/2 13:10

Checkout above link. You can also post your question there also.
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Re: Bringing a German Shepherd to Japan 2018/3/2 14:17
You allude to this, but it bears repeating in very direct terms:

Most Japanese landlords do not allow you to have cats or dogs.

This will tell you about the Japanese Quarantine procedures:

If you get all your preparations and paperwork done right, the official quarantine time is officially less than 12 hours, but in practice it is often less than 2. That said, if you have a connecting flight right after you land in Japan, there is a chance that you could miss it. You must go through Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) at your first port of entry.

The other major issue is getting your dog on the plane. Each airline has its own regulations and charges, and space for bringing animals is limited. Once you commit and get your ticket, you should contact your airline as soon as possible and try to secure a space for the dog. Or call them first before buying the ticket and make sure there is space. Your pet will be in the luggage compartment, and you cannot see the dog during the flight, nor feed/give water until you land. Some airlines prohibit bringing animals in warmer months, and others do not allow bringing pets if the total flight time is too long. You'll need to give the airline the total size dimensions of the cage and total weight. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars to bring the dog.
You should get detailed info from your airline on what you'll need to do, so look at their web site or give them a call.
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Re: Bringing a German Shepherd to Japan 2018/3/3 08:21
Go all the way back to step one. Where do you plan on living? City or country? If city, then all other questions are useless.

No big dogs in city, and landlord will not allow it. You'd need to be looking for a old farm house. No good going past step one if this applies to you.
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