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Iga Ueno to Kyoto Station (suggestions) 2018/3/2 17:49
Hi All,

At present I have hired a car and thought that there would be two half days of things to do in Iga Ueno. After some research it looks as though it should take me around half a day to see most of the things I want to see in Iga Ueno (I travel quite fast compared to most people).

Does anyone have any suggestions on any specific attractions between Iga Ueno and Kyoto Station. Note that it should be slightly car friendly (it's actually possible to park a car within walking distance) and is not listed on JG. I've visited most of the locations on this site in detail. I basically have until 2PM free to make my way from Iga Ueno to Kyoto Station....
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Re: Iga Ueno to Kyoto Station (suggestions) 2018/3/3 21:44
Hi All.

No need to reply to this now. A bit more research helped me discover Koka (on the way to Kyoto). I'll be visiting Koka Yashiki Ninja Residence, Miho Museum & Ishiyamadera Temple (Otsu) which has a few national cultural properties enshrined....
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