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May trip 2018/3/2 19:52
Hi guys,

Can you please help review my below itinerary, thanks

Sat, May 12
Syd (SYD) to Osaka (KIX)
Land in Osaka (7.10pm)
• Leave customs, get cash from ATM
• Get pocket wifi from post office
• Purchase ICOCA + Haruka
Kansai Airport station Kyoto Station (JR Haruka)
Quick bite to eat, Check in to hotel and rest

Sun, May 13
kinkaku-ju, Tenryu-ji, Ryoan-ji
Bamboo Grove, Monkey Park, Okochi Sanso Villa
En Tea Experience?

Mon, May 14
Fushimi Inari Shrine (2-3 hrs hike?)
Nishiki Market, Kamogawa Odori (Geisha)

Tue, May 15
Kyoto to Hiroshima
Visit Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima Castle, Hiroshima Peace Park & Museum
Hiroshima to Miyajima
Check into Accommodation (Ryokan?)

Wed, May 16
Mt Misen Hike
Miyajima to Tokyo
Check into accommodation and dinner somewhere

Thu, May 17
Shibuya, Harajuku
Shinjuku (VR zone?)

Fri, May 18
Asakusa (Sensoji Temple)
Ueno (Temples, Shrines, Museums)
Check out Sanja Matsuri

Sat, May 19
Tsukiji Fish Markets (morning)
Ryogoku (Sumo)

Sun, May 20
Mitake-San Hike
Michelin Restaurant

Mon, May 21
Tokyo to Hakone
Cruise on Lake Ashimo, Onsen
Hakone to Osaka
check into accommodation

Tue, May 22
yamazaki distillery tour
Dotonbori, City walk sights of minami

Wed, May 23
Explore Osaka (Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building)
Leave for Kansai Airport
8.40pm Osaka (KIX) to Sydney (SYD)

by Koanda (guest)  

Re: May trip 2018/3/3 11:43
Overall, it looks quite do-able. My only thought is that the three days in Tokyo are at a pretty lazy pace. If you are fine with that, go for it. If, however, those are the main places you want to see in Tokyo, I'd suggest combining them into two days and maybe doing some of it (eg: Shinjuku/Kabukicho) at night when it's more lively, Then you could see some other area besides Tokyo for a day.

Thu, May 17: Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku (VR zone?)
Fri, May 18: Asakusa (Sensoji Temple), Ueno (Temples, Shrines, Museums), Check out Sanja Matsuri
Sat, May 19: Tsukiji Fish Markets (morning), Ryogoku (Sumo)
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Re: May trip 2018/3/3 12:24
I dont agree. Shinjuku alone could take all day depending on all to see.

I'd leave itinerat as is. And add more stuff if you have time.
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Re: May trip 2018/3/3 15:29
Your plan seems nicely doable. Did you check out if a JR pass pays off?

Regarding the sumo, I guess you plan on attending the tournament. Youfll need to buy the tickets beforehand. Be ready to buy them as soon as they become available:

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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Re: May trip 2018/3/3 18:51
Kansai Airport station Kyoto Station (JR Haruka)
Quick bite to eat, Check in to hotel and rest

You will arrive Kyoto at around 22:00 when most of the restaurants are closed (I checked some restaurants at Porta in Kyoto station). Still there might be convenience stores open, but if you want to eat something other than the convenience store food, you might better eat at Kansai Airport.

Mid May is not the high season so the hotel rate is rather affordable.

You don't mention about the Higashiyama district which includes Kiyiomizudera, Todaiji, Shorin-in, Sang-sangendo, Nanzenji, Eikando and Ginkakuji. I think the top "must see" in Kyoto is this area, so please consider including some of the spots. Well my top recommendation is Nanzenji which has many important buildings and not so crowded.
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Re: May trip 2018/3/3 22:12
Looking at the rest of the stuff your doing I'd also guess you might be a bit disappointed with so many time spend at Tokyo. I'd strip that down a bit or go to other places in the area like Kawaguchiko or Mount Takao.
Also if this is your first trip I'd might save up Osaka for a later times. I think there is much better to see according to the rest of your likes that Osaka. (except maybe Minoo Park)
You can eat around Kyoto station but the variety might be limited due to the late time of your arrival.
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Re: May trip 2018/3/5 19:59
Thanks for all the feedback. I have decided not to stray too far from my latest plan. But I have decided to take out the Hakone day and add in another day in Kyoto. My revised thoughts below:

Day 1: arrive in osaka at night, purchase icoca and haruka, take jr haruka to kyoto

Day 2: arashiyama area

Day 3: fushimi inari, nishiki, kamogawa odori, gion, pontocho

Day 4: higashiyama area, aoi matsuri festival, kaiseki dinner

Day 5: activate JR pass, train to hiroshima via meiji castle, explore park and museum, ferry to miyajima

Day 6: itsukushima shrine, mt misen hike, train to tokyo

Day 7: shibuya, harajuku, shinjuku

Day 8: asakusa, ueno, sanja matsuri

Day 9: mitakesan hike

Day 10: tsukiji markets, ryogoku

Day 11: train to osaka, dotonbori, minami

Day 12: explore osaka

a couple more questions :
- is it still worth getting a JR pass?
- i was still keen on experiencing an onsen, do i have time for it? Could i fit it in one of the kyoto days?
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Re: May trip 2018/3/5 22:21

Yes, I would think a JR Pass is worth it, you have the trip: Kyoto to Hiroshima, Miyajima/Hiroshima to Tokyo and Tokyo back to Osaka all within 7 days. That's definitely going to take you over the 29,110 price of the pass.

If you want to spend a day in Osaka, I think the Osaka Museum of History, is quite well done, though overall I am not a huge Osaka fan.

Good luck!

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