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From Sanjo to Nara - train transfer challenge 2018/3/2 23:08

Hyperdia says that the best way to go from Sanjo to Nara is transfer at TAMBABASHI to KINTETSUTAMBABASHI.

My question is how easy and fast is this process? I have seen several train combinations with just 5-6 minutes time between both trains. Hyperdia says that it takes 4 minutes walking (gmaps around 2 min).... Apparently it is enough but If we have to buy our tickets there it could be a mess.

To be more specific. Should I buy the second train ticket during this transfer, or can I buy both tickets at Sanjo station to save this hussle?

We will probably have a ICOCA card just in case changes all this situation.

Many thanks
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Re: From Sanjo to Nara - train transfer challenge 2018/3/3 08:44
i'm guessing you wanna go to kintetsu-nara station, not nara station?

use icoca card, cheaper than paper tickets, and then you don't need to buy a ticket when transferring.

those station you mention are a little distance apart. not a huge issue, but may cause issues if unsure on directions between the two.

personally i would worry about it. they are both fairly common routes and this first section has trains every 12 minutes, and the second section has trains every 7-23 minutes depending on time of day.

if you are really worried, get the train from sanjo station 12 minutes earlier.

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Re: From Sanjo to Nara - train transfer challenge 2018/3/4 03:03
use icoca card, cheaper than paper tickets

No; in Kansai Region, whether paper ticket or IC card does not make a difference in prices of fares.
ICOCA can save your time for handling cash and paper tickets, as long as you have enough amount of e-money stored on the card.

Tambabashi Station (of Keihan) and Kintetsu-Tambabashi Station are located close to each other.
There is a passenger bridge (shorter than 100 meters) outside the ticket gates to connect the two concourses.

After you get off a Keihan train, you go up to the concourse, exit Keihan through the gate, cross the bridge, enter Kintetsu through the gate and go down to the platform.
When you get prepared well and don't have heavy luggage, you may make that transfer within 5 minutes.
If you have a certain reason to walk slowly, it sounds better to expect more time.

From Kintetsu-Tambabashi Station, trains for Kintetsu-Nara don't frequently depart.
You can take an Express train bound for Kashiharajingu-mae until Yamato-Saidaiji Station, and catch there a train for Kintetsu-Nara.
(Kintetsu Express service, unlike Limited Express service, does not require a surcharge in addition to a basic fare.)
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