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Best day trip from Tokyo? Kawagoe vs Nikko 2018/3/4 04:16
Going to Tokyo in March and I want to do a day trip and want to know which option is best between Kawagoe, Nikko or lake Kawaguchi. Beside this Ifm also doing a day trip to Kamakura and stopping for a night in Hakone on my way to Kyoto.

The main advantage I see in Kawagoe is the time it takes to get there. All though Nikko is the most famous Ifve also read that the shrines of Nikko are under maintenance and could be covered. Wanted to know if this is true and if it would still be worth a visit specially considering the almost 3 hour journey?
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Re: Best day trip from Tokyo? Kawagoe vs Nikko 2018/3/4 15:54
For me Kawagoe is not worth it. If you have really many free days in Tokyo you could consider going but I went twice (while living in Tokyo) and found it both times very deluding. I canft really say anything about fuji5lakes. But Nikko is nice. Have a look at the nikko pages of this website and youfll see that only one of the many attractions is currently in reconstruction. There is still enough to see for 2 days.
If you want a day trip closer to Tokyo, have you considered Kamakura? I think that is the top destination from Tokyo for a day trip. For me specially Kita Kamakura.

Less traveled destinations are Chichibu (to visit some of the 34 temples) or also Enoshima , which is enormously popular with Japanese but a bit less so with foreigners.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!
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