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Pasmo Card 2018/3/4 13:12

I got PASMO card 3 years ago when we visited Tokyo and still keep it.I am just wondering if PASMO card can be used in Osaka and Kyoto as well now?
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Re: Pasmo Card 2018/3/5 13:30
Yes for most trains. Not sure about buses
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Re: Pasmo Card 2018/3/5 16:24
Thank you very much.
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Re: Pasmo Card 2018/3/6 07:43
Mostly PASMO are inter-changeable with SUICA or ICOCA across the regions they are used and the many different IC cards issued across the country.
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Re: Pasmo Card 2018/3/6 08:08
The bus is the same.
However, there are exceptional routes in bus companies that can be used,
so you should confirm it in advance.

But basically pasted stickers "PiTaPa" and "ICOCA" or "iC" on the bus that can be used.
If it is not night or strong rainy day, it will be visible easily.
So, PASMO works in "PiTaPa(Non-JR group of railway and bus companies)" and "ICOCA(JR-WEST, railway only)".
Both has not an good English page on the official web,
repost here may faster if using Google translate does not solve.
Card covered area of "PiTaPa" is almost the same as " KANSAI THRU PASS(KTP)",
but not related to whether IC cards(PASMO and more) can be used or not.

If you move a lot, KTP or another passes for sightseeing in both area,
bc only using PASMO will not be a big discount.

It can also be used for shopping at convenience stores and others.
Re-charging possible at major stations, buses, at most convenience stores in any towns.

Your card's expiration date is "10 years" from the date you last used it.
It will function normally unless it is exposed to strong impact or magnetism.
You can easily find out if you can print card history by train ticket vending machines,
drinnk vending machines and shopping at convenience stores in the airport.
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