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Meaning of Shinsetsu vs secchi vs Shisetsu? 2018/3/5 11:07

I am having a hard time understanding the difference between 新設・設置・施設。From what I know, 新設 simply means a new building or institution that has just been built. Is that correct? However, 設置 and 施設 I have no idea how they differ. The definition I got from online is kinda vague:

設置:機械などを備え付けること (To provide some sort of equipment or opportunity?)
施設:ある目的のために建てられた建物 (So a building that was built for a specific purpose??)

Hopefully someone can clarify this. XD

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Re: Meaning of Shinsetsu vs secchi vs Shisetsu? 2018/3/5 19:02
I understand 施設 as a building. We use it in my line of work to refer to hospitals. The English term used would be “site”. But it s not limited to hospitals. It could also be hotels or something like that. The important point is that it is a building. I guess in English “installation “ or site can be used for it.

設置has to do with the installation of a machine. As the Japanese description you quoted says. So eg installation of video surveillance.

So you have one installation that is a building (施設) and another one that has to do with a machine or computer. (設置)

You can say 設置する(to install some equipment) but I don’t think you could 施設する.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Meaning of Shinsetsu vs secchi vs Shisetsu? 2018/3/5 21:37
the word 設置 is not restricted to machine (or instrument)
you can say 大学を設置する.
in this case, what they 設置 is making organization (system) and building, and everything related to 大学.

新設, making a new one
not mean a new one, itself. the making is new.
it is not restricted to making a building (physically presented).

you can say 大学を新設する
also you can say 新しい大学を設置する
but, 新しい大学を新設する is strange, because the sentence uses two "new" words.

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