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Aquariums 2018/3/5 17:19
How do the following aquariums compare to the aquariums in Osaka, Nagoya and Toba (i have visited all of them - Kaiyukan was the best, Toba was without crowds):

1. Niigata aquarium
2. Fukushima aquarium near Iwaki
3. Awa Kamogawa aquarium
4. Enoshima aquarium
5. Yokohama aquarium

On my fourth trip with my daughter at the end of april before Golden Week i would also like to visit Kaiyukan for the third time, but we are based in Tokyo and would prefer side trips which are in Kanto, Chubu or Tohoku.
I have watched some videos and photos from the Youtube and Tripadvisor, but i would also appreciate the feedback from the users of this forum.

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Re: Aquariums 2018/3/5 22:19
It's not on your list, but the Kamo Aquarium in Tsuruoka (Yamagata Prefecture) has more jellyfish than any other aquarium in the world and it's a nice aquarium. There are features aside from jellyfish, but the jellyfish are the stars.
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Re: Aquariums 2018/3/6 07:58
lol - My visits to Toba aquarium have been very crowded and while it had some good bits, there were some less good pieces also so I wouldn't rate that too highly - maybe behind Osaka. (I haven't been to the Niigata one get, but I had friends visit it a while ago and they liked it. - Maybe my next rip there in June.)
I do think Fukushima Aquamarine is very good and an interesting (not necessarily straight-forward) day trip - if you are ok with buses for access from the train station, it's fine.
Enoshima is an interesting place to go to even without visiting an aquarium.
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