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Kyo Odori 2018/3/6 01:43

I am having a hard time purchasing tickets to go see the Kyo Odori performance I would like to attend the first week of April.

I figured out how to navigate their site but could not complete the purchase because I did not have a Japanese credit card.

I also tried reaching out to my local JBT office but they told me they do not sell tickets for individual events. They will be calling me back with other options in the afternoon.

If I wait until I arrive in Kyoto, what are the chances of tickets still being available? Can you even go up to the ticket office and buy tickets in person?

Do you guys have any other suggestions for me?

Thank you.
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Re: Kyo Odori 2018/3/6 12:44
There are two groups that perform Odori, one is Kyo Odori and another is Miyako Odori.

Did you check here?

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Re: Kyo Odori 2018/3/6 14:34
Hi! Yes, I've checked the Kyo Midori tickets. They only have first class tickets and separated seats available. My husband and I would like to sit together. I figured we could go to the Kyo Odori performance instead, buy second class tickets and sit together.
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Re: Kyo Odori 2018/3/6 22:01
Hi, I have been to Kyo Odori many times (travelled from UK). In the past, there has been no problem at all getting tickets on the day (or for a future date whilst there). The ticket office opens at 10:30 each morning (it is in front of the theatre) so I would recommend going at that time. The biggest queue I have encountered is around 3-4 people. The staff are really helpful and I have actually got really good tickets each time (either front row or very close to the stage and once was even lucky enough to be seated next to a Maiko from another district watching the performance!). I have always bought the special class tickets with tea ceremony though so can't vouch for the other tickets tiers.
There has been quite an influx of tourists to Miyagawacho over the last few years and the Kyo Odori is on a lot more people's radar (there are also a few coach parties that go there now) so last year I was worried that I wouldn't get tickets so bought one pair in advance through their website (this was the first year you could do this eaisily). Sorry to hear it is not working for you. However, when I was there I decided to go two more times and was able to get tickets easily from the ticket office. To get Kitano Odori tickets (Kamishichiken's dance performance) I ended up using an agency as there was only one day I could go so I didn't want to risk it. You could try the same agency for Kyo Odori tickets, they were pretty reasonable and you could pick the tickets up from their office just off Shijodori. The agency was 'H.I.S Tourist Information Centre'
I hope that helps! Good luck and enjoy the Kyo Odori!
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Re: Kyo Odori 2018/3/7 05:57
Thank you very much!

Thank you Kikuya for taking the time to write out your experiences. It makes me feel a lot better. I just filled out the form on that travel agency's website and hopefully they get back to me soon. However, it is nice to know I can buy them that same week. I can probably buy them on a Monday and I am aiming to go on that Friday so it will be a few day before the actual performance.
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