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Festivals 2018/3/6 08:48
Im visiting Kyoto march 22/25, Takayama March 25/28 and Tokyo march28/April 5. Looking forward to seeing the Cherry Blossoms. Are there any Festivals in these cities when we are there ?
by Brendan L  

Re: Festivals 2018/3/6 15:44
Eg Koganei Park in outer Tokyo 31.3-1.4 and 4.-7.4.:

It is also a very nice place because of the Edi Tatemono museum.

But there are many others. Just search for 桜まつり 2018 and the name of the town you are.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!

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Re: Festivals 2018/3/7 08:51
Kanamara Matsuri is on 1st April - I know someone from the UK who is going to be in Tokyo at the time and it's high on his list of events (Kawasaki City).
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Re: Festivals 2018/3/7 11:06
Thank you so much for your respose
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