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CoE lost/stolen, how long to re-issue 2018/3/6 10:44
Hi everyone,

I'm new here, I was wondering if any of you had experienced this situation and how long it took for you to get the new certificate.

After 3 months of patience, I finally got a message from the mailing company saying that my letter would arrive between 12 and 1 pm. Nobody showed up. Later on, in the tracking website, it said that my shipment was lost. I called the CS, they told me the mail car got robbed and they could only apologize.
My employer will go to the immigration bureau and ask them to re-issue a new one.
I just hope it won't take another 3 months...

I will go to the Japanese embassy tomorrow and ask, but I guess it's hard to tell.

I hope this thing won't happen to any of you, I am really shocked...

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Re: CoE lost/stolen, how long to re-issue 2018/3/6 12:17
Sorry to hear

Contact the Japanese Embassy / Consulate General that issued the visa to inform what happened. Also, it is recommended that you submit a lost property form to the local police station. If you need a new CoE, you must make an application again which start from the beginning.
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Re: CoE lost/stolen, how long to re-issue 2018/3/6 21:03
Thank you for your reply and advice.

Yes, I contacted the embassy of Japan here and they told me to re apply for a new certificate. My employer will apply for a new one from the start. Hopefully it's faster this time.
I will go to the local police office to declare lost of property and sue the mailing company.
I wonder if I should just go to Japan to get the paper myself. I'm too worried if it happens again.
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